Hi, my name is Olivia and I’m the blogger, photographer and “chef” behind Olivia’s Cuisine. I am originally from São Paulo, Brazil, and I currently live in the Greater New York City area.

I am a big time foodie who loves to spend hours gathering around the table, enjoying the company of family and friends!

That guy in the picture above is my husband Tim. He’s the one having to taste test everything I make in the kitchen, washing the dishes and running to the grocery store when I realize I don’t have something I need. But above all, he’s the one that deals with my insecurities, tells me everything will be ok, makes me laugh and helps me be a better person everyday. image_2

Apart from being a full time food blogger, I’m the mom of a beautiful toddler girl, a newborn who should be here mid April 2019 and a friendly English cocker spaniel, named Lola.

About the Blog:

I started Olivia’s Cuisine in 2014, as a way to share my recipe creations with friends and family. 

As I started documenting my food journey, I noticed that I was attracting strangers to my little online corner of the world! People made my recipes and came back to tell me how good they were and how happy it made them. Oh, I was thrilled! 

I am not a professional chef and I do not claim to be one. I learned how to cook with my grandmother! I crashed and burned a lot while I was learning the basics, as I’m sure many of you also did. But I do love cooking! And I do love sharing food with the people I love and with my online community.

You can always reach me with questions, critiques, suggestions and requests. I try my best to reply to every commend and email, but sometimes life – and motherhood – gets in the way. If the question is urgent, please follow up! Also, I love hearing from people who made my recipes and seeing photos on Instagram (you can use the hashtag #oliviascuisine). 

I am really glad that we are connecting and that I can share my passion with you! 

Happy cooking!