I’m sure you’ve noticed the spider webs all over this poor forgotten blog. “Where is Olivia?”, you might have asked yourself several times over the past month. And the truth is, I’ve been cooking…

… a beautiful baby girl! ???

On August 3rd, Tim and I welcomed our daughter Rebecca into the world. And just like that, my whole life changed!

And I don’t mean only the obvious changes you’d expect from having a baby, like sleep deprivation (I haven’t slept over 2 hours in a row since July, y’all!) and poop/burp obsession, but something deep and beautiful changed inside of me and I finally truly loved.

Don’t get me wrong, my life has always been full of love! I love my husband, our dog Lola, my parents and my friends, as in I’d take a bullet for any of them! But Rebecca? All I can say is I feel like now my heart beats out of my body.

I realize I never wrote a formal pregnancy announcement. But if you’ve visited this blog in the last 9 months, you probably read a bit about my difficult pregnancy.

Not only I suffered from terrible nausea until about 20 weeks, I was also diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Both those things made it very difficult to keep writing about my culinary journey, but I did manage to share a few recipes that somehow fit my temporary low carb lifestyle.

But now I’m happy to report that your favorite foodie (aham… too much?) is back in the game. I can’t promise I’ll be able to share as many recipes a week as I did before pregnancy, because… ahmmm… baby!

Rebecca rules my life and is at the moment refusing naps unless she’s being held. But my mom is here from Brazil and she can maybe hold her a bit while I whip up some gourmet goodies for the blog.

I will try not to spam you with baby stuff too often, but can’t promise anything. After all, I’m living and breathing baby 24/7.

But this blog is still food centered. And I’m also tentatively thinking about starting a separate blog for baby things and my journey of learning how to be a mom.

Not sure how that’s possible now, when I constant need to choose between sleep, food and shower (ew! TMI!), but we’ll see… I would love to make it happen. Because I’m comically struggling and I’m sure my struggle would make great reading material!

You should have seen my Google search history:

*How to burp a baby*

*When will my baby poop?*

*When will my baby smile?* (and all other milestones, like “see me”, “laugh”, “walk”, etc)

*Can my baby see the eclipse?*

??? #firsttimemomfeelings

I’ll also never forget when they returned Rebecca to me and Tim at the hospital, after they took her for tests and whatever other stuff they do to babies in the nursery. We looked at her in the cart thingie and then at each other, silently asking “how are we supposed to grab her out of that thing?”. Thank God for our awesome nurse Emily, who grabbed her for us and safely deposited her in my arms. ?

Yep, it’s tough to be the first baby of clueless first time parents. I’m sure Rebecca would tell her that herself if she could talk.

And just like clockwork, she’s crying cause it’s time to eat!

I’m glad I was able to quickly write this announcement, as I wanted you to know I haven’t dropped dead and am still going to be blogging about food. I hope you’ll be back to stopping by frequently to read all about my food adventures and my occasional mommy struggles.



*** Photos by Bella Baby Photography ***