Do you struggle to keep hydrated? I know I do! That is, until I tried detoxwater™.


(This post is sponsored by detoxwater™.)

To say this stomach bug got the best of me is definitely an understatement.  ?

I already struggle to drink enough water when I’m not sick, so imagine now… I got so dehydrated that when I had to draw blood this week, the nurses couldn’t get a good vein and now I have to go back next week. Apparently, my already hard to find veins decided to hide even more due to dehydration.

Well, when I got home from the doctor, I was determined to fix this. So for the past week or so, detoxwater™ has been my best friend!


Not only I’ve been trying to drink more water, but I’ve also been trying to get some good food in me. Heavy meals seem to be impossible, so I’ve stocked on some fresh fruit and that has been my source of energy (and also hydration) for the past days.

You’ll also notice I haven’t been very active here on the blog. Because of the stomach bug, my life has been a lot of Netflixing on bed… So glamorous, huh?

But this week I got a lovely gift from my sister-in-law in the mail – Julia Child’s “My Life in France”. It has been a good pastime and way more “soul feeding” than Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix!


Now, if you’re not familiar with aloe water, you’re about to fall in love!

Not only it tastes amazing (especially detoxwater™ fun flavors, like Lychee & White Grape, Mangaloe and Piñamint), but it’s also very good for you.

With only 30 calories per bottle, it delivers the clinically proven benefits of pure aloe juice – an ingredient known to support immune function, healthy digestion, nutrient absorption, and improved skin elasticity.

The ACTIValoe® in each bottle of detoxwater™ contains the power of aloe’s naturally-occurring polysaccharides, which are long chains of sugar molecules, clinically proven to support immune function, healthy digestion, nutrient absorption and youthful-looking skin (improvement in skin eslasticity). detoxwater™ is your healthy hydration alternative that not only quenches thirst, tastes delicious, but also delivers the plethora of health benefits associated with drinking the most premium aloe in the world.

Interested to try? Head to to have detoxwater™ delivered straight to your door, or even better, sign up for subscriptions to have detoxwater™ delivered every week, other week, or month. Be sure to enter promo code ALOE30 to receive 30% off the product.

And don’t forget to stay hydrated! ?