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If you’re here to check out my recipes, please browse through the Recipe Index on the menu above, or check my latest post for Grilled Chicken with Creamy Lemon Sauce! Today I’m breaking the schedule a little bit to talk about my blog and my writing process. So, I would be very happy if you’d stick around and read what I have to say! :) Please?!? 
Good, you stayed! See, the other day – a few weeks ago – I woke up and checked my emails as usual. While my eyes were still adjusting, I saw an email from the lovely Olivia Ribas from the loveliest blog Primavera Kitchen. Olivia is a dear friend of mine I met through blogging. Although I haven’t yet met her in person (mostly because she lives in Canada and I live in the U.S.), meeting this sweet woman is definitely on my bucket list! We found each other – or she found me, actually – because we are both Brazilians, living abroad, married to “gringos” (foreigners/not Brazilians!) and writing food blogs (although her blog is way cooler than mine!). Anyway, she was nominating me for the “Writing Process Blog Tour” and telling me I had to nominate 3 other bloggers! Excitement and panic took over my recently awoken body. I felt excitement, because it is good to be part of such a great community of food bloggers and to be chosen (I was always the last one chosen for the sports teams in school, so til this day I feel very special when someone chooses me for anything! lol). But, I panicked, because I would have to write about my blog – which is, at 3 months, only a baby – and because I would have to nominate 3 people in the blog world where I don’t know many people yet. But, I thought better about it and yes, I do know some amazing people and I’m really interested in what they have to say about their process.
So, about me and my blog. (If you’ve read my About section, I apologize in advance for repeating myself!) Since my mom is an Opera Singer and travelled a lot, I spent lots of time in my grandmother’s apartment, sitting in the kitchen and chatting with her while she cooked delicious food. Without realizing, I was getting infected by the cooking bug and I grew up to love cooking, especially her recipes. It always made me happy to cook for family and friends, expressing my love for them through the delicious food I cooked. Along with that, there was always a craving for expressing myself. So, I decided to create a blog where I would not only share the recipes that are dear to my heart, but also write stories and jokes that were behind those family recipes. And I think I’ve finally found my calling. I mean, I love love love acting but that requires auditioning, being cast and etc. What I do here just requires me, some food and a camera! I love my blog, I love writing and photo photography and my whole life revolves around this blog right now. 

Anyway, this Writing Process Blog Tour thingy comes with some questions, so let’s get to it:
– What am I working on right now?
Oh my God, so many things! I am working on Halloween themed recipes and already thinking of Thanksgiving ones. I am always trying to be active on Social Media so I can better understand this community, make some friends and learn more with everybody else. I’m also constantly trying to learn more about photography and writing so I’ve been reading ‘Plate to Pixel: Digital Food Photography and Styling’ by Helene Dujardin and plan to start reading ‘Will Write for Food‘ by Dianne Jacob soon. And finally I’ve been jotting down some ideas for a future e-cookbook! Phew!! All that while bartending 8 to 9 shifts a week on Broadway. Welcome to my life!
– How does my work differ from others in my genre?
Oh no! That “why are you so special” question!!! lol Well, first of all: my Brazilian roots. Even though I don’t focus solely on Brazilian cuisine, I can’t deny it is a big part of who I am and how I cook. Second, I might do some healthy recipes every now and then, but I’m not a healthy-only/gluten free/paleo/diet blog and I know that’s the trend nowadays. And, finally, my themed series! So far I’ve done The World Cup Gourmet Series, with recipes from all the countries that went to the quarter finals, and The Disney Gourmet Series, with recipes based on Disney movies. I love getting creative and letting my imagination flow, so I’m really proud of my themes! :) 
– Why do I write what I do?
I don’t wanna sound cliche and answer what everybody been answering, but I’m also still trying to find my writing voice. My blog is only 3 months old and English is not my first language. I think that works in my favor sometimes, especially cause I think I have more of a comic voice, but sometimes it is a struggle. Thank God for my husband who is my editor and reviews every single post before it goes live! :) 
But, why do I write what I do? Because I wanna share with you the story of that dish. I want you to feel like we are friends cooking together and having a glass of wine in mine (or your) kitchen. I want to describe that dish to convince you to make it so you can feel what I felt when I first tasted it. Yeah, because making people happy is a goal of mine! 
– How does my writing process work?
First I work on my pictures. I lay them out as a WordPress draft, leaving space for the text. Usually when I’m at work doing nothing while people watch the first act, I just sit down and write in my Notes. I give myself permission to be silly. I write memories. I write sensations. I make new words that don’t exist in English because I need to express something that doesn’t have a word for it! (Or maybe it does, but it doesn’t sound as good as my newly invented word!) After everything is done, I write the recipe. The recipe is the easiest and I usually know it by heart, so I leave it to the end. And then, as I told you before, my husband reviews the text to see if I didn’t commit any major English mistakes and to make sure that everything makes sense. 
I mean, maybe people have a sophisticated way of working, but that’s mine for now. Remember, I’m a beginner, so that might change as I gain experience. Also, some days I have a huge blank of creativity when I look at the screen trying to write something. God, I hate those days. I wish I would have ideas popping out of my head 24/7, however that’s not how it works. I know, writer’s block happens to everyone! But I get really frustrated when I happens to me.
Now, time for my three nominations. *drum roll* I don’t know if they will all accept it and write their version of this Writing Process Blog Tour, but I just wanted to nominate them and show my respect and appreciation for their work.
First (although this is no particular order of preference), I would like to nominate Victoria from Love. Laugh. Cook.
Victoria was one of the first bloggers I started talking with in the blogosphere! (Yes, I just wrote blogosphere! Deal with it!). I absolutely adore her blog name, because I value those 3 things (love, laughter and cooking) very much! We are also very similar because our families consist of ourselves, a husband and a dog. She also dislikes sea food, like me! From what little I know of her, I can tell that she is the sweetest girl ever and I’m really glad we started an online friendship. Also, her blog is adorable and her pictures are beautiful. My favorite recipe of hers is her Butterfinger and Reese’s Cheesecake Ice Cream! I wish I could eat it right now!!!
Second is Thalia from Butter and Brioche. (Sorry, I couldn’t find any photo of Thalia!!)
I love how Thalia writes and am very interested to read about her writing process. Her recipes are something else. Everything looks like it’s out of a very expensive NYC bakery: so sophisticated! And that’s the word I think describes Thalia and her blog: sophisticated! Look, for example, at those chocolate croissants (that she calls Pain Au Chocolat! See: sophisticated!!!) and tell me that you don’t imagine the English Queen herself eating them while sipping some tea?
Manali, from Cook with Manali, is my third nomination.
I just recently started following her blog and I’m already in love. She is from India and shares lots of Indian dishes (but not only) and they look soooo mouthwatering and delicious! Her blog is definitely one of the blogs I visit daily, and so should you! Her photography is gorgeous and I’m obsessed with those Pumpkin Streusel Muffins
And that’s my 2 cents on my writing process! I hope you guys enjoyed it, and I hope those lovely ladies above share too so we can all learn a little bit! 
I’ll be back on Wednesday with more delicious recipes! Have a wonderful week!
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