25 French Dishes that are better than a Vacation in Paris | www.oliviascuisine.com | A round up of classic and delicious French recipes that will transport you to the City of Light.

Happy Bastille Day!

I am sure that you are planning on celebrating by cooking some amazing French dishes, so I did the work for you and curated some of the best French recipes from the internet.

But the deal is: you gotta make them all! ?

So buckle up ’cause this is a one way journey to Paris. Au revoir!

1) Boeuf Bourguignon

Boeuf Bourguignon | www.oliviascuisine.com | A french classic, this Boeuf Bourguignon - or Beef Burgundy - is one of my favorite beef stews. Made with red wine, mushrooms and pearl onions.

There’s nothing more comforting and luscious than Boeuf Bourguignon, a classic French beef stew made with red wine, pearl onions, mushrooms and bacon. Once you try it, this dish is guaranteed to become a regular on your menu!

Get the recipe here.

2) Coq Au Vin


A simplified version of the classic red wine chicken stew from Burgundy. Imagine: Coq au Vin could be your new weeknight go-to meal.

Get the recipe at The Kitchn.

3) Potatoes Dauphinoise


Out of all the ways to cook potato, this is one of the best. Potato + cream + cheese with a hint of garlic and thyme. Seriously, what could be better than that? 

Get the recipe at RecipeTin Eats.

4) Cassoulet


Susan, from The View From Great Island, took Cassoulet back to its simpler roots in an easy recipe that can be made from start to finish in an hour. So no more excuses not to make this classic French casserole!

Get the recipe at The View From Great Island.


5) Lamb Chops with a Cognac Dijon Cream Sauce


Romantic dinner? Trying to impress your boss? These Lamb Chops will do. You will want to lick the Cognac Dijon Cream Sauce out of your plate! Tres Magnifique!

Get the recipe at Nomageddon.

6) Chicken Cordon Bleu


All the flavor and sophistication from a classic Chicken Cordon Bleu in a healthier baked version. I’m drooling just by thinking of it!

Get the recipe at Kevin Is Cooking.

7) Quiche Lorraine

Hash brown quiche - 3

Nagi took Quiche Lorraine to a whole new level by making a hash brown crust. You will never think of going out for brunch again when  you can make this at home!

Get the recipe at RecipeTin Eats.

8) Croque Monsieur


The world’s finest sandwich is nothing more than a grilled ham and cheese. What makes it so special? Velvety béchamel sauce oozing out all over the place. It is mind blowing, really!

Get the recipe here.

9) Croque Madame


What if we could take a Croque Monsieur and add a fried egg on top? We can! And that is called Croque Madame. 

Get the recipe at Show Me The Yummy.

10) Jambon-Beurre

French Ham Sandwich (Jambon-Beurre) | www.oliviascuisine.com |

The best things in life are simple like this Jambon-Beurre sandwich. It is nothing more than a good baguette topped with European butter and great quality ham. It will be love at first bite, I guarantee!

Get the recipe here.

11) Croissants


Who doesn’t love buttery croissants? They might be a labor of love and take a few days to make, but the reward? The most gorgeous and flaky croissants you’ve ever had. I say do it! 

Get the recipe at Mon Petit Four.

12) Lyonnaise Salad

Lyonnaise Salad | www.oliviascuisine.com | This classic French salad, from Lyon, is made with frisée lettuce, bacon, a delicious shallot mustard vinaigrette and a poached egg.

French bistro meets comfort food! This traditional Lyonnaise Salad, made of frisée lettuce, tossed in a warm and delicious vinaigrette and topped with crispy bacon and a poached egg. Because, yes, salads get to be indulgent too! And don’t forget to get that classic Instagram video of the egg yolk streaming all over the greens.

Get the recipe here.

13) Concombre a la Menthe


Real French food is simple, uncomplicated, and incredibly delicious. Just like this salad made of sliced cucumbers and mint with a fuss-free yogurt dressing. 


Get the recipe at Mon Petit Four.

14) French Lentils with Dijon Vinaigrette


This recipe is vegan, simple to prepare, and bursting with flavor. When shopping for the ingredients, look for French lentils, which are much smaller and a little darker than regular green lentils.

Get the recipe at Champagne Tastes.

15) Gougeres

Gougeres (French Cheese Puffs) | www.oliviascuisine.com | A delicate savory hors d'oeuvre made with Gruyere cheese.

The classic French cheese puffs are always a hit! How could they not? They are made with Gruyère cheese! ?

Get the recipe here.

16) Palmiers


These adorable cookies called Palmiers, or Elephant Ears, are a simple French pastry filled with sugar. You could also add some cinnamon for a slightly spiced version! 

Get the recipe at Cook with Manali.

17) Caneles


To make these, you are going to need a canele pan. But since they are incredibly addictive and scrumptious, I am sure you will be getting a lot of use out of your pan.

Get the recipe at Mon Petit Four.

18) Cherry Clafoutis

Cherry Clafoutis (Clafoutis aux Cerises) | www.oliviascuisine.com | A classic French dessert that combines seasonal cherries and a rich custard. Easy to make using a blender or by hand, with a whisk!

If you can get your hands on fresh cherries, you HAVE TO make a Cherry Clafoutis! A classic and delicious French dessert that can also be served for brunch. If cherries are not in season, you can make this with many other fruits, like apples or figs, for example.

Get the recipe here.

19) French Coconut Pie


This French Coconut Pie consists of a crackly, sugary crust filled with wonderfully gooey vanilla and coconut. It is so sinfully good that it really ought to be illegal!

Get the recipe at A Fork’s Tale.

20) Passion Fruit and Lemon Meringue Tartlets


How cute are these tartlets? They are filled with a passion fruit curd and topped with a fluffy, marshmallow-like meringue. Are you drooling already? Because I am!

Get the recipe at Christina’s Cucina.

21) Pear Tart

download (2)

This deliciously sweet and savory Pear Tart is topped with goat cheese and then drizzled with sweet honey and finished with a sprinkle of fresh rosemary and black pepper. Absolutely delicious!

Get the recipe at Home & Plate.

22) Strawberry Fraisier  with Lillet Chiffon Cake

This Strawberry Fraisier consists of a light chiffon cake flavored with Lillet blanc, fresh strawberries, and a sliceable pastry cream stabilized with gelatin. Isn’t it stunning?

Get the recipe at Blossom to Stem.

23) Poire Avec Orange


A lovely version of poached pears, which is probably one of the core desserts of French cuisine. Amanda’s version is light, simple, and bursting with a mimicked marmalade flavor that is simply to die for!

Get the recipe at The Kitcheneer.

24) Profiteroles

Pate a choux pastry filled with ice cream and drenched in warm chocolate sauce. Who could say no to anything covered in chocolate?

Get the recipe at Mon Petit Four.


25) Mousse au Chocolat

Mousse au Chocolat | www.oliviascuisine.com | Nothing says romance like homemade Mousse au Chocolat!

The ultimate French dessert is definitely Mousse au Chocolat, or Chocolate Mousse. Simple yet sophisticated, airy as a cloud but also rich and intense. Everybody should know how to make a killer mousse!

Get the recipe here.