OMG, you guys!

Can you believe it’s Christmas week? I can’t! Where did the year go?

If you – like me – are totally overwhelmed and are not even halfway through your holiday shopping list, do not fret. There is still time! Amazon will deliver most things before Christmas and everything will be okay.

And to make your life easier, I put together a list of gifts for Italian food lovers! You can check last year’s guide for a more general foodie gift guide, but this year is focused on Italy, baby.

Why? Well, because Italian food/wine is amazing! And because I’m feeling a little nostalgic for the amazing month I recently spent there. If you haven’t been to Italy yet, definitely add that to your bucket list! Who knows, maybe 2017 has that in store for you.

But for now, why not celebrate Italian cuisine by gifting some of these goodies to your foodie friends?


  • Bellucci Extra Virgin Olive Oil – In the last 15 years, numerous industrial producers of olive oil have been trying to emulate Italian EVOO with no success. You simply can’t beat the flavor and quality of Italian olive oil!

Either it’s for a drizzle on a salad or a bruschetta or to season a more complex recipe, Bellucci brings the quality that you would expect from good Italian olive oil. And since your Italian food lover friend deserves only the best, I recommend getting them the  3 pack with EVOO, Organic EVOO and – my favorite! – the Toscano PGI Organic.

You can’t go wrong with a good bottle of EVOO. It’s like they say in Italy: “Una cena senza olio di oliva è come un giorno sense sole.” (A meal without olive oil is like a day without sunshine.)

  • Pizza Stone – Can’t talk about Italian food without talking about pizza, right? If your friend loves to make homemade pizza but does not yet have a pizza stone, you will score big points by getting him/her one!
  • Espresso Maker – Shopping for a coffee lover? An espresso maker is the answer to your prayers. This version makes about 2 espressos on the stove and is pretty inexpensive, but if you’re feeling fancy, you could always get an espresso machine.
  • Pasta Maker – I have yet to meet an Italian food lover who doesn’t like pasta! And making pasta at home is the uttermost Italian experience. If your friend owns a Kitchen Aid, there’s even an attachment that makes the process even easier.
  • Pasta Measuring Tool – In my opinion, the best gifts are the ones that solve a problem. If you cook pasta often, you know how hard it is to measure the right amount and you always end up with more or less than what you need. Say goodbye to this problem, because this inexpensive gadget helps you figure it all out!
  • Balsamic Vinegar – A good aged balsamic vinegar is a must when cooking Italian food. This is the brand I saw everywhere in Italy. It is sweet and dense but not cloying. Perfect for drizzling over salad!
  • A good Italian wine – Oooh, you thought I would forget to mention the wine? Never! A bottle of Brunello di Montalcino is a great call and will impress even the snobbiest wino.
  • Amaretti cookies – My favorite Italian cookies! Great with a cup of espresso. (And, if you’re in the mood for gifting something homemade, I’ve shared a recipe for some amazing ones not too long ago!)
  • Espresso Ground Coffee – And since we are talking espresso (again!), a great inexpensive gift is a tin of ground espresso. Lavazza makes a great one, with full bodied flavor and thick crema. Just sip one and you’ll be immediately transported to a cozy Italian cafe overlooking the Coliseum!
  • How to Eataly – And last but not least, Italian food lovers will never scoff on a good Italian cookbook! I recently purchased this for myself and I love how rich it is. It covers everything you need to know about Italian food, from assembling an antipasto platter to how to eat breakfast like an Italian.

Quite a list, huh? I am 100% sure that any Italian food lover would be THRILLED to get any of the products suggested above. I know I would! :)

And, if I don’t show up here before the weekend, I hope you guys have a very merry Christmas and happy new year!

And may 2017 be filled with lots and lots of Italian food!

(This post was sponsored by Bellucci, but all opinions are my own.)