(This post is sponsored by The J.M. Smucker Company. All opinions are my own.)

These past months have been chaos! We bought our first house and started moving the next day. Exciting, right? But we decided to do it ourselves, which led to a journey from hell of over a week to get all our stuff out before the apartment lease ended.

The day after everything was finally moved, I was sitting on our unassembled couch pillows, on the floor, when I noticed Lola (our Cocker Spaniel) looking kinda sad. I was filled with lots of guilt and felt like the worst dog mom ever.

Ever since Rebecca was born, Lola’s life turned upside down. She doesn’t get as much attention and you can definitely see the difference in her behavior. Nothing aggressive, just a bit gloomier. The move – although beneficial to her in the long run (we finally have a backyard!) – only added to the list of changes, I’m sure.

So, ever since that day, I’ve been trying to set aside some time each day to give her my undivided attention. It isn’t easy, with a very demanding 1 year old, but she’s such a good dog and deserves to be loved!

She’s been getting extra long walks around the new neighborhood and lots of treats! Mostly her favorite – Pup-Peroni® Jerky Bites – but also the occasional biscuit. The treats can be found in both Pork and Beef flavors in the dog snack aisle at Walmart.

The jerky bites are so tender and therefore easy for our four legged friends to chew. You can also easily tear them into pieces for smaller dogs or if you are using them as a training tool.

But what I love the most about them is that they are made with real beef (or pork). No grain, meat by-products, fillers or artificial flavors. So you can feel good about treating your dogs!

Can you tell she loves it?

It is also the only way I get her to go outside without a leash. If I have the Pup-Peroni with me, she’ll stay close versus chasing the first squirrel she sees!

We are big believers of positive reinforcement here. Lola is not crazy about toys, she’s highly food-motivated. So I’m really happy to have found a treat that is enticing and irresistible but can also be part of a leveled diet. I also love that they have two flavors, as she can become a little bored getting the same treat every time!

I also like to bake her homemade biscuits, but with the chaos that has taken over our lives recently, I’m glad she loves Pup-Peroni. Easy indulgence with premium ingredients dog parents want.

Believe me, your furry child will thank you!

In short, treat your dog(s)! Either by baking homemade dog biscuits or just getting them a yummy treat from the store. Also lots of snuggling, hugging and kissing are a must! They are so lovable and so giving! They deserve the same from us.

Just a few days of me being more aware of Lola’s well-being and she’s already acting like a much happier dog! She’s even a little less afraid of Rebecca and I swear I saw a kiss earlier today!

Oh, I can’t wait for them to be best friends! :)

How do you spend quality time with your paw friends? Any special treats they love? Have they tried Pup-peroni? Let me know by commenting below!

Disclosure: Please consult with your vet regarding any allergies your dog may have, before feeding your dog Pup-peroni or anything new.